(Photo from five years ago – back when this place was called “Mommy on Fire”)

Well, I have certainly missed being over here.

There’s just enough exhale time to come to my hometown, this place right here. The place where I know I’m from and will always be from. This humble little blog started almost seven years ago, invented simply as a soft place to land on those hard days of mothering.

We’ve evolved and grown and changed and here we are . . . Between the growing-up of three children, between the growing-up of two adults, between the death of a dog and the birth and rescue of two others, between arguments and make-ups and sadness and happy, I’m always from here. I love this place I call home.

It’s the eve before the eve before Mother’s Day.

And on this eve before the eve, I feel compelled to say: we can do this.

Moms of newborns, you can do this. It won’t last as long as it feels.

Moms of babies, you can do this. You have total control of where they go and what they do. Enjoy.

Moms of toddlers, you can do this. You might need the help of a good cup of coffee (or cabernet), but you can do this.

Moms of preschoolers, you can do this. You’ll miss those cute things they say someday.

Moms of elementary babes, you can do this. If you remember to do this.

Moms of middle schoolers, you can do this. Probably not the math assignments, but you can do the rest.

Moms of teens, you can do this. I can’t think of anything witty to say to you because you probably don’t appreciate witty since you aren’t very cool.

Moms of grown children, you did this. And you continue to do this.

With every stage, with every new beginning, with every desire we have to move to the next already because surely it will be easier . . . there’s always a part of us that longs for what we left behind.

So whatever stage you’re in, Mama . . . Happy Mother’s Day. It’s an honor and a holy privilege.




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