You’ve all been so patient and guess what??!!! You can now order Heart Sisters necklaces!

Alison from Hammered by Naptime is selling four different styles but get this – she will customize, too. She’s pretty amazing like that.

Have you seen her work? It’s fab.u.lous.

You can visit her on Facebook here – be sure to hit “Like” so you can stay-up on specials and new products. Her pieces make amazing gifts!

And speaking of gifts . . . Heart Sisters necklaces make great gifts for YOUR Heart Sisters – or yourself. Because, the thing is, these aren’t those broken heart best friend necklaces we wore in the ’80’s. Heart Sisters is a state of mind. It’s a movement. A philosophy on how to live among other women in the world.

So go ahead – you don’t have to wait for someone to buy one for you. Buy one for yourself!

Heart Sisters options

Aren’t these beautiful?

Click here to order . . .


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