I interrupt this unofficial writing sabbatical to share a post I wrote recently for Women of Faith – and yes, I’m super honored they invited me to do so. I mean, super.

So many of us feel like we have to put-on a beautiful front. We have to maintain an image of perfection – of course,  our house is always this picked-up and we didn’t just stress our entire family out for two days before hosting a gathering. Of course our marriage is great – we never fight or argue over the toilet seat. Of course our children eat organic and local.

Of course.

But the truth is . . . When we only show people our “pretty front porch” like so much of what we see on social media, we don’t ever go past, well . . . the front porch of relationships. We keep them at arm’s length, at a surface level, then wonder why we feel so alone.

Because unless we’re willing to invite others into our dirty, messy living rooms, we won’t ever experience a deeper level of relationship – and that’s where you’ll find your Heart Sisters.

I would love for you to read more on this over at Women of Faith . . . Click here to continue.

And I hope you’re having a great summer! I’m loving the slower yet busier pace. This break is much-needed but I do miss you all. If you haven’t connected with me at Facebook, click here. :)



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