I know, I know. It’s been complete crickets over here and I’m sorry. I know you all aren’t wailing and gnashing your teeth because of the absence of my voice from this very small pocket of the internet but I do want to update you all as to why it’s been a little quieter these days.

As some of you know, I’m about to sign a contract to write Heart Sisters into a Bible study – complete with a participant’s guide, leader guide and six-series DVD teaching. Writing a Bible study is new terrain and I’m loving it – but as any writer will tell you, when you’re in a writing season, you’re also in the Refiner’s Fire.

God chisels hard when writers write, when singers sing, when painters paint and actors act. The process is excruciating and lovely, painful and peaceful, heartbreaking and healing.

Yet the fruit that’s produced is always the sweetest kind.

God chisels

Because God has called me to this project, I’ve had to lay down other areas for the time being because I still have three kids, a husband and now, because we aren’t always wise, two big, goofy yellow Labs to love. And a cat. But the cat’s the most independent in the house so that’s good.

When God has called you to something, other things must be called-out.

I’ve had to call-out my need for visual peace in my home. I’ve had to call-out my desire to write on this blog three times a week. And I’ve had to call-out consistent posting on social media because God has said “Not this, daughter. This.”

Sometimes, I feel God’s call to do something and I mistakenly interpret this as addition. He’s adding something else on top of what I’m already doing.

But really, when God calls us to something, He’s actually subtracting. If He’s calling you to a work only you can do, He’s asking you to subtract the stuff that doesn’t matter so you can do what does.

addition v. subtraction

Which doesn’t mean this blog doesn’t matter because oh, my . . . This is my first baby.

But eventually, our babies grow and become more independent and we can then tend to new babies.

Alas, I’m tending to this new baby. A baby yet to be born but a baby that is indeed chiseling me, dulling sharp edges and sanding- away pride. Chipping me into a more definite shape and smoothing those parts that hurt.

What if we listened, really listened, to the task God has asked us to complete with the mindset of subtraction rather than addition? What if we have grace with ourselves and recognize we can’t do it all? What if we had the courage to lay-down the stuff God doesn’t care about and pick-up what He does?

Let’s try it.

I’m posting a few times a week over on Facebook because I can easily add mini-blogs and the community there is fun and active. I would love to connect with you there so click here if you don’t already like the author page and then we can catch-up over there.

I’ll return with more consistency in February because it’s International Friendship Month and we’ll do all kinds of giveaways to celebrate . . .

And I’ll be back next week to post our Christmas card and to wish you a very merry . . .

In the meantime, subtract, sister. Don’t add. Then breathe. We’ve got this.




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