So I like to post photos with each post but I don’t really know what goes with this one so how about just one of me right here, right now -sipping coffee, right-out-of-bed, no makeup and messy hair. You’re welcome.

I know my attendance here has been, ahem . . . spotty, at best. I’m working on some other writing projects which means I’m all-in in with that and less-in with the blog. I have dreams for this summer though, friends – at least a few times a week here. A girl can dream.

But what’s fun is that I’m featured at not one, but TWO, places today and I’d love for you to visit.

I’m honored to be telling a part of my story over at Lane of Roses – a wonderful ministry site focused on younger Christian woman but of course, relevant to all ages. You can read it here.

And you all know my sweet friend, Barb Roose, right? Because if you don’t, you’re going to want to meet her as soon as possible. You know what I love about Barb? 1) She’s super real and authentic. You aren’t going to get any BS from her, 2) she encourages women by speaking the truth of who they were created to be using the most soothing and loving words and 3) she’s a wonderful friend. You all know how I feel about that subject.

Barb has a great podcast series called “Better Together.” She features some pretty inspirational guests so you’ll want to subscribe.

Last week, I was featured on Better Together. You can listen to Part One here.

This week, Barb has aired Part Two. This one’s about how to restore your relationships after there has been conflict. You can listen to it here.

If you have daughters rowing a rough boat with other girls, you’ll want to listen. If you have ever had a “friend break-up” and were left feeling devastated, you’ll want to listen. If you’re interested in how to change the culture of women from one of jealousy, comparison and discouragement to one of love, contentment and encouragement, you’ll want to listen.

While I may not be here, I’d love for you to stop by these places.

Happy Summer, everyone! We are all so ready for a break – and I’m sure you are as well.


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