I love to write.  Oftentimes, I have no idea what I am going to write about when I sit down at my laptop but somehow, I rarely seem to have a lack of content.  Sure, I’ve had moments of writer’s block. Moments where I would not be able to formulate a sentence let alone think about writing an entire article.

However, this is due to utter and complete exhaustion and certainly not a lack of desire to put words down on “paper”.  Or screen.  Whatever.  I’m so new generation.

I love the English language.  I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I admire words and usage in a way an art critic would admire a beautiful painting or sculpture.  In a way a concert-goer might admire music by their favorite musician.

I’ve had a love affair with words for as long as I can remember.  I love to find new ones I have never heard of before and I most certainly love a beautifully-crafted sentence. For this reason alone, I find myself loving Toni Morrison, Walt Whitman, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Wally Lamb.  Pat Conroy. Anne Lamott.  Anna Quindlen. The old Jodi Picoult.

I will even admit that I admire Eminem, that offensive, arrogant rapper who manages to tick off literally everyone.  Admittedly, I don’t currently listen to his music much (having children most certainly cuts out the blaring of “Without Me” throughout the house.  While I love the song, I would rather my children NOT go to preschool singing it).  However,  one cannot have a love of words and not at least appreciate the talent this guy has for using them in a way no one else seems to be able to mimic in the industry.

In addition, I’m obsessed with well-written books and for this exact reason I have always loved to use words as the chosen medium for my own “art.”  God has not gifted me with the ability to paint (though JJ loves to tease me about the time I attempted this) or the ability to play beautiful music.  He has chosen me to use words as an outlet for my creativity and really nothing else.

Am I any good?  I like to think that maybe, just maybe, a little.  I have such a long way to go.  I struggle with finding time TO write as I raise my three little people.  I struggle with how much of myself I reveal.  I struggle with comparing myself to other writers who I deem to be far superior to myself (there are several) and far more successful than myself (again, there are several).  I suppose this is human.

One of my goals this past year was to get a freelance writing career at least moving somewhat.  I have succeeded in this but again, I have so far to go.  I’m such a newborn baby in this journey and truth be told, I have no idea what I am doing.  But.

Two months ago, I received an email from Sharon at Helen magazine. Helen is a local publication for women in my community and it’s content is always well-written and informative.  Oftentimes, I find myself reading through an issue and saying things like “I had no idea we had that here…”  Such was the exact phrase I uttered when I read this month’s cover story on the “Brawlin’ Dolls” – our very own female Roller Derby Team.

Sharon offered me a column in the bimonthly magazine for “Home and Family.”  Clearly, I didn’t have to think about this.  I accepted right away.

I don’t like to toot my own horn but TOOT TOOT!  Here’s my first column.  I’ll publish the text on Monday because this post is already too long the way it is.

Beloved friends, as I said in Wednesday’s post, I am going to take a little bit of a blogging break.  I need to center myself.  I need to rest.  I need to get right with God.  My belief in Him is not the issue.


It’s my weariness.  It’s the fact that if I am not in the word with Him, I stray.  And it’s the fact that when I am not so busy and don’t have a myriad of things on my “to do” list, I can really focus on my little people which in turn makes me focus on God.

I see God in them always.  He teaches me through them constantly.

I’ll post the content of my column on Monday and then I’ll be back in ten days.  Please.  Please.  Stick with me.

I hope you have a blessed and memorable July 4 weekend!

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