I love to watch my children’s innocence in public settings – they are completely and utterly oblivious to “societal rules” and “social graces” and while I chuckle and roll my eyes at their antics, I secretly envy them for their carefree ways, their laissez faire.  So often, when I find myself in situations in which I am not the most comfortable, I wish I could just run away and play a good game of hide and seek or feed the ducks.

Lucky them.

Solomon had been running around a family rehearsal dinner sporting his matching outfit with his 15 month older brother when he suddenly stopped and looked to the heavens.

I love photos of children looking up because I can’t help but wonder – what are they thinking?  Did they hear something?  Are they just curious about what is “up there”?

I know God planted a natural curiosity within us for a reason and while I can’t say that my two year old is necessarily seeking God in this photo, I like to think that he’s at least looking in the right direction.

Though at the same time, I hope he will eventually come to understand that God is not just “up there.”

He’s everywhere.

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