Tonight I sit in a bit of a funk. If truth be told, my soul is a little bit exhausted and I thought perhaps I would not write about gratitude and just retreat to my bed and read.

If things sometimes won’t quiet within my soul I have found that if I bury my nose in a book, I can escape reality for a bit.

Doesn’t that sound so very healthy?

But then it hit me that when I am feeling a little unbalanced, a little off-kilter and frustrated, that perhaps this is precisely when I SHOULD be writing about gratitude and continuing on with my list of 1,000 things.

I don’t know.  I’m just sayin’.

For the record, I’m a little bit tired of that phrase as it has become a cliche but it quite fits so I thought it was OK to use it.  Thank you for your grace.

This past Friday night, JJ and attended our first-ever Casting Crowns concert. I can’t really put into words the beauty of it.  Their mission touches my soul deeply – did you know that they minister to their own congregations every Sunday and Wednesday night then get on a bus and tour Wednesday night through Saturday?

That is most certainly what I call sacrificing much for your specific calling.

And a calling it is, friends.  What a calling it is.

They started with “Until The Whole World Hears” which simply sends chills down my spine.  The end part in which the crowd sings “Sing Until the Whole World Hears..” a cappella never fails to move me.

Beautiful songs, such as “Mercy”, “If We Are The Body,” and “Who Am I” were riveting and affirmed just why it is I am such a fan of God.

And the end?  They closed with “Lifesong” and at it’s conclusion, when it was dead-quiet in the auditorium, Mark, the lead singer led us all in the a cappella singing of just this one line again:  “OOOOO….OOOOO…..OOOOO….Sing until the whole world hears.”

It was stunningly beautiful.  They are on a mission and I can’t imagine anyone getting in their way.  I love it.

It got me thinking about the talents that God entrusts us with.  Are we using them to glorify Him?  I was reminded of Jesus’ “Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25:14-30) in which he takes the only talent that one man possessed but did not use and gives it to the man who had ten talents that he used.

I so pray that I’m using the talents He gave me to His liking.  May it be about His glory and not mine.  May it be so, may it be so.

My list of 1, 000 things continues…

92.  I thank God for the fact that He makes us all so fearfully and wonderfully.  We are all created diversely, differently, and uniquely, with specific talents meant to glorify Him.  I so enjoy everyone’s talents and love how God uses them to draw us closer to Him when they are used the way they were meant to be used.

93.  God reaches me through music.  I have read/heard some of the most beautiful lyrics that I could never articulate yet come across so beautifully and communicate my feelings for our Savior perfectly.

94.  But I still like all kinds of music because I don’t think that once you become a Christian, you have to listen to only Christian music.  I love me some Van Morrison, Keb Mo, Coldplay, and U2.  I’m so grateful that all kinds of music exist to reach all kinds of us.

95.  I planted 15 mums this past week and bought a new autumn wreath for our door.  I adore this season and once I get my house ready to greet it, I feel like it’s time to start serving hot apple cider and chili.  I praise God for the changing of seasons.  And not just the weather-related seasons – the seasons of life as well.

96.  Speaking of the seasons of life, my youngest baby is getting a little too old for my taste.  He knows his colors.  He pretends to count (though he just repeats one and two over and over).  Tonight when I said “Ouch!”  he said, “You K?”  I’m grateful for his cute baby face yet look at him in anticipation of what his little personality will be like as he continues to age.

97.  Last week, Sawyer told me I was so “bootyful.” I’m pretty sure he meant “beautiful” though there are times when I do think perhaps my booty is too full.  It melted my soul.

98.  My Mother-in-Law had a successful surgery (removal of gall bladder – yowsers!) and her bile duct is just fine.  Praise be to God.

99. Cheddar. Cheese. Popcorn.  Yummy, yum, yum, yum.

100.  Have I ever mentioned how much my husband does around the house?  Well, he does.  He works his tail off for this family then comes home and works his tail off here.  He’s a true gem.

May you use your talents to glorify Him and  have some cheddar cheese popcorn – but not too much because you don’t want to be “booty-full”!!!!

I know, I know.  I am beyond hysterical.

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