Friends, it has been one of those days.  I usually work a week in advance, but not today (Tuesday).  I’m linking up with Jen at Finding Heaven today for the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood  and re-using this post because 1) the tired in my bones has rendered me brain-dead and 2) I want to spread the word about the “Hands and Feet Project”  to more people.

A few nights ago, I sprinted out the door when two of my friends invited me to dinner.

My husband was home.  He encouraged me to go.  He didn’t have to tell me twice – the two sitters I often rely upon had both been gone since before Christmas.  I needed to be free for a bit.

On the way to the restaurant, I turned on “The Message” and they were featuring Christian music group Audio Adrenaline.  They have “rebranded” themselves and are now singing under the name “Know Hope Collective.”

The song was entitled “Build Us Back” and it features both the Know Hope Collective and the Haitian Children’s Choir.

I was in tears.

In 2004, the band (Audio Adrenaline) started an organization entitled “The Hands and Feet Project” whose mission is  “to raise a generation of orphans who will grow into men and women who will have a relationship with Christ and be leaders in their communities” in Jacmel, Haiti.

And then, of course, January 12, 2009.  Haiti was devastated.

“Build Us Back” is a song of redemption, about how disaster strikes in our world and horrible things happen and yet.


He builds us back.

We are a new creation.

His grace is enough.

His marcies are anew each day.


As I listened to the gorgeous voice of a young Haitian boy ending the song, it struck me that He really does build us back – physically, spiritually, mentally.

He reconstructed me ten years ago.  He built me back.  I am a new creation.  His grace is still enough.  I praise Him for his new mercies each day and oh, His redemption.  The single most reason I chose to follow.

I know I have posted too many videos as of late but this one is my favorite.  It tells a story of Baby Mackeson, a sweet little boy born the week of the earthquake in Haiti to an HIV positive mother.  When his mother approached relief workers with her little bundle,  he was severely malnourished – hanging on by a thread.

He received medical care and then it was discovered he was HIV positive as well.  But there’s more.  It has a beautifully happy ending.

On this Multitude Monday, my list of 1,000 things continues with just one that is resounding:

271.  You build us back.

For more information on the Hands and Feet Project, click here.

To listen to “Build Us Back”, click here. (Please note that the version featuring the Haitian Children’s Choir is not yet available on iTunes)

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