Because isn’t this just what really matters anyway?

Car in hand, perhaps his first real possession, something to finally call his own.

He peers out at what is known as “The Slave Castle” in Cape Coast, Ghana, a place in which slaves were held in the 1600’s in what was once called the “Gates of No Return” because when the African slaves were sent here, they would go to America and never come back.

Yes.  Almost all of the slaves that landed on American soil passed through the “Gates of No Return”, an ironically beautiful castle that, centuries later,  held the eyes of a young boy about to go to America, too.

But he will fly.  With two new loving parents and another younger brother who he bonded with in an orphanage along the way.

Peering at the castle, he clutched his first real possession that is solely his alone.  He drank an Alvarro and hungrily ate lunch then ever-so-quietly snuck over to take a peek forcing me to stop eating the tilapia (with head included) with my hands and take note.

The beauty of this moment, this way God shows us how far we have come is breathtaking.  Hopeful.  Encouraging.

While we fed him and gave him something to drink that day, we realized we were the ones who were hungry and thirsty.

He fed us and quenched a thirst and allowed us to really see what God has done and will continue to do.

And suddenly I’m full and not so parched.

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