Geometry kicked my heiny to the curb when I was in high school.  I remember rejoicing with my mother when my semester grade was a C-.  And that was with a tutor.

But algebra…Oh, how I love me some algebra.

To solve those equations and have the satisfaction of arriving at the answer of what that unknown variable could be is the ultimate feeling of completion in my ridiculously somewhat goal-driven self. 

All of those steps, all of those solving for “x” moments that aligned like a well-timed Rube Goldberg machine came together and the answer was so clear.

And now I see that algebra isn’t the only thing that works this way.

Recently, something came up within our family that made a tough decision so very obvious – the solving for X was incredibly clear.

The A plus the B plus the C had to come together to arrive at the value of X.

Come together it did in a symphony that could only be conducted by God. The details of this particular decision are such that it’s no doubt that God’s hand was in it and when this happens, the answer for X results in peace in my soul – even if there is other “stuff” that is hard surrounding the circumstances.

Not to mention that this particular decision involved my two boys, two little beings that are so dear to my heart that make solving for X sometimes a little difficult.  When the issue is a heart one, everything is just felt that much more intensely.

So you probably should know that when it comes to my husband, my children, my extended family, and close friends that are like sisters, I admit that I become viciously protective, a mama bear, or a wife bear, or a dear-friend-sister bear, or a family bear, that has to work hard at grace towards the offender.

When He solves for X and we arrive at the answer that is painfully obvious, I have to wonder if sometimes He just chuckles when He sees me trying to solve the equation alone.  Forgetting that He is actually the one with the calculator, the one that already knows the answer even when I don’t.  Letting it slip my mind that He works for the good of all things.  Selective amnesia regarding that plan He says He has for each of us.

I forget sometimes that He loves my husband, and my children, and my extended family, and my sister-friends even more than I do.

Because no matter how the equation is laid out, the answer to “X” is in some shape or form rooted in love.  Even when it’s hard.

Especially when it’s hard.

And nothing could bring a mama’s heart more peace than someone who loves her children more than she does.

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. – Proverbs 3:6 (NLT)


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