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One of these days, we will talk more about this.

But since I like to keep these Friday posts short, we won’t dive into it too much now. BUT.

Take it from a reformed people-pleaser who just wants everyone to like her: not everyone WILL like you. That’s a definite, sister.

There’s nothing on God’s green earth you can do to get them to like you, either.

And if you sway back and forth to match your surroundings like a chameleon, there will come a day, mark my words, when you don’t know who the real you actually is anymore.

Here’s the thing: those people who don’t like you? If you have asked God to search your heart for any sin that might have caused them to not like you and it was concluded 1) there was no sin, or 2) there is sin but you sought forgiveness in humility, and they STILL don’t like you, then you’re not involved anymore.

It’s between them and God.

Only the Holy Spirit can change people. Repeat this often, when needed: Only the Holy Spirit can change people.

If you try to take this matter into your hands, you will become a gerbil running on a wheel that only goes in circles, friend.

You can speak a blessing over them (in your mind) and verbally forgive them without saying it directly and MOVE ON.

We don’t have to stand in the abyss of someone else’s unforgiveness. That’s manipulation and it’s a game.

A very dangerous game. But one you don’t have to play.

Your honor comes from God. Focus your eyes upon Him.

Pray those who persecute you do the same.

And in the meantime, celebrate those who DO like you instead of trying to win the ones who don’t over to their side.

Stand firm in who you are, sister. There will always be critics.

Have a great weekend – we will gather again on Monday, MOF readers!

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