Come on in. Pour yourself some coffee. Kick off those boots.

The couch is ready.

Welcome to our new place!

Like any new home, I still have a slew of boxes to unpack but come on in anyway. I’ve missed you.

There’s probably a basket or two of laundry around here and I have a dog that sheds like crazy (but she’s worth it. See?)


I don’t get to the vacuum everyday so let’s pretend I’m collecting her fine, yellow fur to knit a new sweater, k?

You might find a nick or two on the walls – after all, I have two very cute but very all-boy boys. There’s also a whole lot of craft items if you’re crafty like that because somehow, I birthed a daughter who is. She did not get this from me, friends.

This is a place where perfect is not welcome. Where we utter the real and close-to-the-heart stirrings. Stirrings we might not share in other places.

A place where masks are not welcome, either. Or comparison. Or envy. Or any of the stuff that challenges us sometimes as women (and yes, I know there are a few of you who aren’t women. You’re welcome here, too.)

This is a place to exhale and know …

You are not alone.

It’s not just you.

It’s better  to live the just south of perfect life than the perfect life.

Real and authentic is always better because vulnerability leads to safety.

Vulnerability and safety lead to true friendship.

True friendships lead to heart sisters.

And heart sisters? They’re critical for survival.

We’ll talk about stuff we’re feeling but maybe can’t always name. We’ll talk about stuff that might make us squirm but needs to be said. And we’ll talk about stuff that’s just plain funny because we need to laugh. A whole lot.

Because living life just south of perfect? It’s way better than striving to be something you will never become.

I’ll post on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays . . . Wednesdays are a day to breathe-in and exhale deep.

Next week, I’ll have some exciting giveaways for you, too . . . It will be our house-warming party.

Also, will redirect you here for a while . . . and then I’m going to cut-it off.

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Thank you for embracing life just south of perfect along with me.

It’s so much better having you along for the ride . . .


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