Have you heard about Global Leadership Summit? No?

Read on until the end because you might want to register to win a ticket to the Lafayette, Indiana area satellite location. If you aren’t local to Lafayette, read-on anyway because there is definitely a host site near you.

Founded by the Willow Creek Association (WCA) in 1992, they exist to help Christians grow their leadership to maximize Kingdom impact. According to the Global Leadership Summit website, they are committed to a singular idea: that inspired, encouraged and equipped Christian leaders create thriving local churches that redeem their communities for Christ.

But what if you aren’t a pastor? Worship leader? Youth ministry leader? What if you’re “just” a mom or a teacher or a cashier at the grocery store?

Global Leadership Summit is for you, too.

Anyone can “lead” others to Jesus. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the people God chose to further His kingdom . . .

David was a humble shepherd, the youngest of his family. He was after God’s own heart, yes, but man did he mess up a lot.

Peter was a hot mess on most days (which is why I identify with him so greatly). Moses didn’t think he could be used for anything because he stuttered. Rahab was a prostitute yet Jesus descended from her lineage. The list goes on.

I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down . . . You need to go. That’s right. You do. Block-off August 6 and 7, find a satellite location nearest you and register.

And if you are local to the Lafayette, Indiana area, you are invited to a luncheon I’ll be hosting on Friday, August 7 at First Assembly (our satellite location). We’ll talk about what to do next, how to take what you’re hearing and apply it to real life and just have a moment to hang-out and be.

There are more reasons to attend but if I haven’t convinced you yet, allow me to share a few of the speakers who will be teaching us . . .

Craig Groeschel. Brene Brown (seriously love her). Bill Hybels. You can see a complete list here.

My sweet friends from First Assembly have given me two tickets to give away for the Lafayette area satellite location. If you want to be registered to win a ticket, tell me in the comment section why you might be interested in attending – I will randomly draw a winner (not based on your answers – that’s just for fun!) on Monday, July 20 at 9 p.m. EST and announce it on my Facebook author page.

In the meantime, watch the below videos to learn more and make plans to check-out of life on August 6 and 7. It’s time to pour-in to you.

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