I have this habit of sharing my heart on my Facebook author page.

I don’t always mean to do so. It’s just that sometimes I sit down and there’s the status update box, looking me straight in the eye.

It ASKS me what’s on my mind, after all.

Well, Facebook . . . If you really must know . . .

I posted the below words on the author page and it’s generated some discussion. You’ve asked me to publish it here so you can pin it, so here you go, Pinterest girls. Pin away.

And of course . . . Thank you for always encouraging me, friends. I hope I encourage you even just a  fraction of what I get in return.


So I’m kind of in this spot where I wonder, “What do I do next?”

I mean, I know what writing project I’m doing next but I’m thinking even past that because my heart longs to write some stuff that others “in the know” don’t think will sell.

So then I get frustrated because it’s a very loud world. So much is being said these days that I wonder if I even need to add to the words.

Then I wonder if I should go back to school and get my MA in counseling (on the radar).

Then I wonder if I should just be a wife and mom. Yes. Just. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Then I wonder why on earth I don’t have this figured out yet and I’m 42 years old for crying out loud.

So as I was lamenting all this to God (yes, I already prayed for the horrible situations going on in the world), I asked Him to give me some confirmation as to what path He wants me to take because I’m just so utterly confused.

As soon as the words were off my lips, I laughed because I remember wondering how many signs the Israelites were going to ask God to provide while they were wandering in the desert.

God said of them, “They are a thick-necked people.”

And so often, I read about them and I think “Goodness gracious, people. He just freaking delivered you out of SLAVERY, for the love. Is it never enough? Are we that self-absorbed?”

Lovely judgment. I know.

Because the thing is . . . I am no different from the Israelites.

I want something to eat other than manna. I want to know where I’m going. I want water when I want water. I don’t want to go the long way.

I mean, really. Come. On. God.

Yes, indeed. Thick-necked I am. (And apparently, I also talk like Yoda now and then.)

I don’t know what God wants me to do next. I’m guessing you’ve felt that way a time or two as well.

But maybe what He wants us to do is this:

Be present in the now. Look at the manna He’s already given us. Trust that He really will light our paths. Drink from the living water when we’re thirsty. Appreciate the process of the long way rather than the quickness of the short way.

Yep. Just maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do.

What to do next


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