Greetings, friends!

After two years in the wilderness, and likely more to come because that’s just how it works, I’m thankful to announce I signed a new contract with Abingdon Press on Monday (publisher of Heart Sisters and the Becoming Heart Sisters study).

If you’ve ever been to any of my speaking engagements, you know I have a passion for Bathsheba and her story. For years, I’ve been percolating how to best break it down but wasn’t sure if it would really happen or if I even could do her story justice.

And then . . . the wilderness. Bathsheba knew a thing or two about navigating the wilderness. She was in the thick of it for a while – but then, God being God, she didn’t stay there forever. She emerged strong, mighty and a woman to be admired and respected.

No one ever raises their hand high when asked who would like to experience pain and suffering. No one. We are creatures of comfort. We don’t like emotional pain. We don’t like the not knowing. And we certainly don’t like suffering of any kind.

But what if it’s precisely the pain and suffering that brings us to what we all, regardless of your beliefs, seek daily? Contentment. Peace. Authentic love for others.


I’m on a tight deadline because this little gestating beauty is due March 1. She will be released in the fall. I covet and appreciate your prayers and support, friends.

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