I would love to have you join the launch team for my latest book baby. In fact, I wouldn’t just love it – I’d be crazy honored. She makes her debut on September 17 and I am so excited for you to meet her.

Hey, friends – OK, so I admit it’s been crickets over here. If you don’t follow me over on my author page on Facebook, then click here so we can communicate a little more consistently. Over there, I’ve shared about my next book entitled The Bathsheba Battle: Finding Hope When Life Takes An Unexpected Turn.

Do you have to be a huge social media platform with thousands of followers? Absolutely not.

Do you have to commit hours a day to publicize this little book baby? Absolutely not.

Do you have to come up with your own content and agonize over wording? Absolutely not.

If you are committed to the message behind The Bathsheba Battle, if you are positive and passionate about your faith, and if you believe women should come alongside each other and be friends, this launch team just might have your name written all over it!

Should you be selected (and come on – why wouldn’t you??), you and I will be interacting in a small, private Facebook group and get to know each other better. Truth be told, this is what I am looking forward to the most.

So come on – apply already! Click the link below and let’s get going, girl! BUT HURRY: THE DEADLINE AS OF RIGHT NOW IS SUNDAY!!!!

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