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natalie snappHey, there. I’m really glad you’re here – in fact, I’ve been waiting for you because I like you. “But you don’t even know me?” you might say.

But I think I do.

You’re probably over-scheduled and under-rested. You sometimes wonder if you really can do it all. There are days when you fantasize about hopping in a fancy sports car and running away to the beach for a week – alone.

Or perhaps you pin millions of pins on Pinterest then feel inadequate when yours doesn’t turn-out quite like theirs.

And I’m guessing you’ve been in conversations with other women who make you feel as though you’re doing it all wrong.

Here’s the thing: you’re not.

As women, there is so much expected of us. We are supposed to cook and clean and work full-time and remember permission slips and kiss skinned knees and defend our cubs and be sexy at the end of the day and well . . . you get my drift.

It’s true that others place those expectations upon our shoulders but, if you’re like me, more often than not, I do a very good job of putting them there myself.

This blog is a place where we can come to exhale. A place where being perfect is understood to be a facade.  A place where we can laugh at our failed attempts with Pinterest crafts and admit we don’t have this parenting thing all figured out and cry over marriages that ache.

Life is not perfect.

But how about we strive for the “good enough” life instead of the “perfect life”?

Let’s reside just south of perfect – together.

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